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I create and designed a micro scale radio controlled All Wheel Drive LAND ROVER DEFENDER 90 crawler car with realistic mechanics.

Micro Defender 4x4 car is fully radio controlled miniature off road car with all greatest advantages of off road car technology.
It is good source of fun for Table Top Off road Car Simulation, ride in miniature natural spots and training on self made off road tracks.
All advantages od MD4x4. is maximized for efficient and precision car control to make it reflection of real scale off road ride.

Transmission is calculated to be strong in its scale and for working smooth to minimalise friction and power loss. Steering is calculated for precise wheel control. Suspension is made out from Guitar string.

Body Printed in SLA.
Frame, axles and hubs printed in Polyjet Resin.
3D Print file:

1:67 scale, 60 mm long 30 mm wide. 16 grams weight.

- Ready to run.
- Full time 4x4 drive with strong brass transmission.
- Precision body, frame, hubs and axles printed in 3D resin.
- Ackermann steering geometry and caster angle of steering pivot for good turning.
- Proportional steering and speed control.
- Coreless motor with 1:136 planetary high torque gear.
- Suspension made out from guitar strings for good sensitivity.
- Grate clearance. 
- Six cartridge bearings 1mm x 1mm x 3mm. 
- Four nickel universal joints. 
- Soft silicone off road tires.
- Realistic rims. 
- Transparent windows.
- Integrated light space in frame and body.
- Body with mount system with frame.
- Deltang RX430d-1 Receiver with ESC attached in a kit.
- 80 mAh li-po battery.

To make M.D.4x4 alive you need to have 2,4 ghz DSM2 / DSMX transmiter and li po charger with vices.

All parts of MD4x4:

01 - 3d printed SLA Defender body x1
02 - 3d printed POLYJET frame x1
03 - 3d printed POLYJET front beam axle x1
04 - 3d printed POLYJET front hub x2
05 - 3d printed POLYJET rear beam axle x1
06 - Silicone off road tire x4
07 - Realistis compound rim x4
08 - Front suspension spring x2
09 - Rear suspension spring x2
10 - Brass bevel gear x4
11 - 3x1x1 metal ball bearing x6
12 - Gear motor with gearbox x1
13 - Big brass gear x1
14 - Small brass gear x2
15 - Micro steering servo x1
16 - Rx43d-1 receiver x1
17 - 80 mAh Li-Po battery x1
18 - Rear axle x1
19 - Front brass axle x1
20 - Suspension universal joints x2
21 - Front beam axle hub universal joint x2
22 - Wires 20 cm
23 - White SMD led x2
24 - Red SMD led x2
25 - Window foil glass complete (4 parts) x1
26 - Center brass locking pin
27 - Servo nickel rod mount x1
28 - Steering brass tie rod x1
29 - Steering brass drag link x1
30 - On/off switch
31 - Charging port x1


Car                                                  270 Euro
Painted Car                                     285 Euro
+Front and rear working led lights    20 Euro

Enjoy !


Under Construction

Micro Defender 4x4

First start:

Transmitter must be DSM2 / DSMX compatible.
Receiver of MD4x4 have autobind.
      -Switch Rx on and wait ~20s until led flickers fast.
      -Switch Tx on in bind mode and Rx led should flash slowly and then go solid.
      -Change distance between Tx/Rx if binding does not work.

2. After bind center wheels with trim
3. Reduce turning range :left to 85%, right to 75% - cause if not: tires can touch frame - lock wheels and cause damage to transmission.
4. Default control adjustment for plane transmitter is: Drive with Throttle and Steering by Aileron. it is one Rod. I recommend to switch Aileron with Rudder for comfortable steering.

How to Use it:

Use MD4x4 gently and sensibly.
Useying MD4x4 by kids can cause a damage to it.
Do not ride MD4x4 other than through radio controll (only by RC).
Ride it manually will cause a damage.
Do not push it forward and revers with hands.
Do not push MD4x4 from top with high pressure, it can cause a damage to its construscion and functionality.
Changing anything in MD4x4 construction and electricity can make MD4x4 stop working well.
Ride MD4x4 in sand can cause a damage to gears by blockig smooth work of them, avoid it.
Before ride be sure that wheel aren`t locket by small intems.
Do not Ride MD4x4 in water, it can cause a damage to Drivetrain and electronics.
Charge battery only in Off mode.
Use only Li-Po dedicated Chargers appropriate to Li-po batteries.
Do not exposure MD4x4 on strong sun and high temperature over 25 degrees.
Useying MD4x4 in temperature of 0 C. can cause a damage to battery and parts of construction.
Do not throw MD4x4, fall over hard surface can cause a damage to MD4x4 parts.
Clear mechanics evry time after ride.
For lubrication of Transmission use only thin oil.
Do not use dense lubricants and WD40.

Suspension is made out from Guitar string- it can have different hardness in different temperature conditions.